The Disgusting Truth About Social Media

Social Media Truth: What You Should Know About Online Branding

truth about social media

Let’s discuss why more and more online marketers get sucked into the social media trap.  You know exactly what I am talking about here, and I willing to bet over 80% of you can identify with this post.  The big question when it comes to Online Marketing and even Online Branding is how much is too much time spent on social media?  I have to laugh, because I recently had this conversation in a Facebook message, and of course he did get a bit heated.  Many online marketers basically live on Social Media.  But one thing is for sure, they do not get a lot done.

Truth About Social Media:  Might as Well Through Out Those Time Management Courses

truth about social media

The more time you spend on Social Media the less you get done, that is the simple truth.  The longer you stay on, the less daily goals will get accomplished.  Social Media can be addictive to some and prevent any chance of time management impossible.  Of course we want to utilize social media to grow our Online Brand, but we want to use it in a beneficial way to grow our business.  Personally, I spend a couple of hours a day, sometimes three at the most to interact with my followers.  Now if you asked me anything regarding the Truth About Social Media a couple years ago that would be a totally different story.   I spent pretty much 24/7 on Facebook and believe me my online business suffered because of it.  What I have learned being online is you must have a plan, a schedule, and most of all goals to get anything accomplished.

Truth About Social Media: Make a Schedule, Automate or Hire an Assistant

There are a lot of things to consider in regards to the Truth About Social Media, for example what is your goal?  If you are truly serious about building an online business and your online brand, get OFF Social Media.  Limit yourself to a couple hours a day.  Hire a Social Media manager, use the Bulk Listing Tool for Hootsuite, there are so many options.  Do not let Social Media distract you from your online goals.

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Online Marketing What You Need To Know

The Dangers of Recycled Information

Why Recycled Information Can Harm Your Online Business?

recycled-informationThis is the one thing I have learned over the years of being online is there is a lot of information on the internet.  A lot of what I call, recycled information.  Let’s dive a little deeper into what exactly recycled information is.  You have seen it, people learn a new strategy and out pops another “Guru”.  Instant expert status.  I am fully aware that some of you reading this will not like what I have to say, but for my followers you know it all about being real.  This is a no sugar coating zone.

When you journey into Online Marketing and Online Branding it is very important that you attain knowledge from people in authority.  There is a lot and I mean a lot of information to learn on the internet and there are some incredible people in authority.  The most common mistake is the search YouTube technique.  Not that YouTube does not have some great information, but honestly anyone can add videos to YouTube.  Here are five things to do to make sure you are learning from someone with authority:

  • Get to Know the Author of the Content
  • Does the Author Have Social Proof?
  • Does the Author Have a Blog?
  • Can You Find the Author on Social Media?
  • Google the Author and READ.

Maybe I am just more picky than the average person.  Why wouldn’t you put in the effort to find out what and who you are learning from.  Remember we are building a brand.   You are the brand, what you learn and the knowledge you attain dictates your online brand.

We live in a copy and paste world.  Take the opportunity to be unique in your Online Marketing strategies.  Be you.  Be Your Brand.

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Learn How to Create a Custom YouTube
Thumbnail That Converts.

Video Marketing is a very important part to branding yourself online.

Having a YouTube thumbnail that stands out more than the rest will help you convert to more views.

The content you provide in your videos is also extremely important to attaining subscribers on YouTube.

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eBay Auto Listing Software

INFINii eBay Listing Tool

Best eBay Auto Listing Software

eBay auto listing softwareAnd the winner is….. The best eBay Auto Listing Software is a highly search term on Google.  So many claim to be the best.  What I am going to show you in the video below is why the INFINii eBay Listing Tool is truly the best eBay Auto Listing Software you can find.  No fluff, just real software that is non-dependent on any third party service.  You see, INFINii is much more than  training videos.  Proprietary INFINii tools allows our users to make much more than the average eCommerce users.  Watch the eBay Auto Listing Software video below to see it in action.

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Affordable eBay Auto Listing Software

The INFINii eBay Auto Listing Software has many features.  With over 13+ approved stores and more coming in the near future, this INFINii eBay Listing Tool makes it easy to make an income on eBay without the need to buy inventory.  Easily start making a profit in the privacy of your own home without recruiting a single person.  Simply choose your source, add your profit goal, make any adjustments you require and submit to eBay.  That is all it takes.  The eBay Auto Listing Software takes care of the rest.

With the spring seller update changes already starting to be implemented and more coming at the end of the year, our tool is compliant with all the upcoming changes above schedule.  If you are currently using templates or another 3rd listing tool, you will have listing taken down that are non-compliant.   The eBay Auto Listing Software comes with custom return policy capability and the training walks you step-by-step in becoming the expert.   This is another reason why the INFINii eBay Auto Listing Software will help your eCommerce Business. Thank you for viewing this article on eBay Auto Listing Software.

eBay Auto Listing Software

Social Media Hashtags #OMG #Seriously #TryIt

Increase Engagement with Hashtags

Social Media Hashtags – Annoying But Effective

social media hashtagsSocial Media Hashtags are the most annoying invention.  Yeah, but they are truly effective. Did you know a social media post with even one hashtag will be 10 time more engaging than without one?  It’s true!!  I have been using Social Media Hashtags for quite some time.  And every single time i have posted on Facebook, or other social media networks there is much more engagement from the hashtags.   Now I am not telling to to go out there and use an insane amount of hashtags in your post, however using 2 even up to 5 hashtags will provide results.

social media hashtags

Now let’s discuss what a social media hashtag is.  It is really quite simple.  You can turn a single word or a phrase into a hashtag.  Let’s look at some examples:

OMG  = #OMG       I Love My Job  =  #ILoveMyJob   Seriously   =  #Seriously   Try It   =  #TryIt   Social Media Hashtags  = #SocialMediaHashtags

The amazing thing about Social Media Hashtags is you can make them up, like  #OnlineMarketingIsFun  super easy right?  Your hashtags can even start trending if enough people start using them.

Social Media Hashtags – More Engagement

social media hashtagsThe purpose behind Social Media Hashtags is of course engagement. Let’s take an example.  I posted an image on social media yesterday, actually I posted two.  Once with and one without hashtags.  Why is there so much engagement?  I am so glad you asked that question. First, you will notice hashtags are clickable, so they are a different color.  This is another part of Social Media Hashtags.   The clickable tags have attracted someone in your network.  Therefore, engaging the post.  Pretty cool, right?

The one thing to consider when using Social Media Hashtags is always use an image with it.  This seem to increase engagement even more.

Now before you go out there and start shoving Social Media Hashtags all over the internet, let me give you some online marketing advice.  First, keep it simple.  Also keep it positive.  Negativity on social media sites it the quickest way to attract the “wrong people” to your network. We want to attract high quality people to grow your online business, no matter what type of business you are in.

Again depending on you much text you have in your post, you can use 3-10 Social Media Hashtags.  These are great for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+.

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