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Attraction Marketing Formula

Secrets to Attraction Marketing – How To’s

secrets to attraction marketingWOAH!!  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing, not sure if I should even share this or not.  Many of you will not be able to handle such a thing.  There is always so much talk of secret ninja strategies….  Come on people there are no secrets.  We live in an online world.  It’s called trial and error.  We do what works and when something doesn’t work we find what does.  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing is really quite simple.  A lot easier than you think.

secrets to attraction marketing

The first thing to consider here is, what will attract a potential team member to you?  Now that’s the million dollar question. To do this you must get rid of your tunnel vision, we must think outside the box.  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing is not some thousand dollar course you can buy, well if you did; you should have found this post soon I guess.    Contrary to popular belief, let’s talk about what attraction marketing is NOT.

It is NOT spamming your signup link in social media, or scraping emails from all over the world wide web.  It’s the art or science of NOT chasing prospect.  IMAGINE THAT!!  Check out this Secrets to Attraction Marketing Article.

I have been online since the first version of WordPress came out, and believe me when I tell you, I have been spammed to death on so many different occasions.  Just like most of you reading this secrets to attraction marketing post.  Go figure!!  Do I dare say it?  YES, it is completely and utterly unattractive.  The quickest way to reduce your network is by shoving an opportunity down someone’s throat.  How many of you agree to that statement?  I am willing to bet quite a few.

What is the Big Secrets to Attraction Marketing?

secrets to attraction marketingInstead of chasing people down, yes I mean that in the literal sense.  You must become a magnet.   Give a reason why a potential prospect would look for you.  There are a lot of Secrets to Attraction Marketing tips on the internet, that is for sure.   But the one thing that you must grasp is people are looking for someone like you.  Whether it is your personality, your laugh, your knowledge or whatever you have to offer.


There is JUST ONE Secret.  Provide Value.  Yep that’s the Secrets to Attraction Marketing.  Simple isn’t it?  The online world has changed in so may ways, many of you may think it’s hard to keep up.  It’s more than simple.  Surround yourself with amazing people, always be willing to learn new things.  Then provide that value in your network.   I guarantee each and every single solitary person reading this secrets to attraction marketing article has some value to share with a lot of people looking for it.

Now, how can we find the people looking for it?  Another super secret ninja strategy.  GOTCHA!!  Nope again.  There are so many ways to attract the type of people you are looking for.  Why not instead have them come find you?  PIECE OF CAKE!!  We will cover part 2 of the Secrets to Attraction marketing next week.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of the Secrets to Attraction Marketing.

secrets to attraction marketing

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MLM Team Leadership

How to Build a Successful MLM Team


Team Leadership, I am probably going to irritate a few people on this post.  But there is a time to just say what is on your MLM Team Leadershipmind.  Many people in various online businesses fail because of one reason; Poor Leadership.  Now let me dive right in and explain what I mean.  I’ve spent time in the corporate world, network marketing, and in affiliate marketing.  What I have seen is mind boggling to say the least.  What is your Team Leadership skills teaching?  That is the one question that if half of the leaders on the internet asked themselves, they would probably lose over half their downline.  People have become selfish and only care about who makes you the most money.


Team Leadership, when you are building your business, and you climb the latter of success; are you still providing value?  Or have forgotten how you got up that latter?  These two questions SPEAK VOLUMES in the online industry.  Through all the mlm team leadershiphype, hoo-ha, and facade you are teaching your techniques of “money matters” to your team.  Of course we are here to make money, but when does the growth and success of your downline become more important than your bank account?  This is what irritates me about the industry.  In this Team Leadership post it is my intention to help new people to the online industry to know what not to do. People just don’t care anymore.  It is all about who has more, who has a better bottom line.  That right there SCREAMS bad team leadership.   People like that this should be ashamed to even call themselves a leader.  I know this post may offend some, even irritate a lot of people online, but this needs said.  When does the mentality of Team Leadership out way the size of your check?


Recently I had someone join my me that quit with a HUGE online marketer (someone I had admired for years) to join me.  Why?  Apparently people at the top of the food chain believe that their success as in Team Leadership gives them the right to not support their people.  I disagree wholeheartedly!!  It is your JOB to lead, to provide tools, techniques, support, and encouragement; it is people like this that give the industry a bad name.  Your Team Leadership should never stop just because you collected a commission.  Now after speaking with my new enrollee he had this to say:

“I have been on my own. I reached out to her with no answer for help not saying she wouldn’t or not tried just never heard from her, so I cancelled. But I’m looking for a mentor to help reach my goals. I’m very motivated in selling. I want to help my family and others do the same.  Now I’m so happy I have someone available to help me grow.  Team Leadership is as important than anything else.  You cannot expect to enroll members into you opportunity and not support them.”

teal leadership mlmLet me explain what I did.  This particular person found me on YouTube.  I have always  been real heavy on Team Leadership. He reached out to me via Facebook Messenger.  Of course I replied, I connected, I started the relationship.  We then set up a phone call to discuss his goals.  Gave him value in getting started and what I expect of him.  NOW, ask yourself do you do the same for every new person that joins you?  I think not!!  I am the NEW BREED.  In my opinion 70% of the current online marketers just do not care any more.


Which type of Team Leadership teacher are you, personally I would rather be in the 30%!!  It is expected to provide the tools and knowledge to you the people we have enrolled, that is Team Leadership.

mlm team leadership

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success

How to Rank Your Amazon FBA Products to Increase Sales

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Product Research

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success

In this Amazon FBA Recipe for Success post I will share with you how we got our products have been in the number one spot for over 9 months.  The most crucial part to selling in this  Amazon FBA Recipe for Success is research and the key to success on Amazon FBA Recipe for Success.    You can easily send any product into fba and try to sell it.  And a lot of people do it.  However, putting more time into research and making sure your branded products are better than all your competitors will give you and edge that no one else has.

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success SEO Best Practices

And so the controversy begins, in this Amazon FBA Recipe for Success I will share with you WHY SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key ingredient for your FBA business.  There are all the overnight “gurus” that will argue naming pictures, and adding relative keywords to your bullet points do no matter.  So let me just say it and get this out of the way.  BS!!  Not only have I used these techniques in blogging, eBay, other E-Commerce Platforms; but what I can tell you is my strategies that I teach my own team members has taken hundreds of peoples listings to page 1-3.   Amazon FBA Recipe for Success is SEO first and foremost.  Here are the areas where SEO matters on Amazon:

  • Picture Naming
  • Titling
  • Bullet Points
  • Key Search Terms
  • Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Checklist

Implementing SEO into your listings will make your sales through the roof.  That is the one of the key ingredients in Amazon FBA Recipe for Success.  Is there other factors? Absolutely.  To Learn More About Amazon FBA Recipe for Success.

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success Your Brand

Amazon-FBA-Recipe-for-SuccessThink about your Brand, ask yourself are you trying to make a quick buck or are you building a lifetime brand?  That my friends is the Amazon FBA Recipe for Success.  Choose your brand wisely, along with the quality of your products.  You always want to be better than your competitors, find out what is wrong with your competitors products and improve your own, that is the edge I was talking about.  Now most will say, where is your proof?  As you can see below we have been very successful using our Amazon FBA Recipe for Success.

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success

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Online Branding Strategies

How to Succeed at Building Your Online Brand

Types of Online Branding Strategies

online branding strategiesWhen discussing online branding strategies we want to discuss two different types.  There are products and there are personal online branding strategies.  In this post we will be discussing your “personal brand”.  There are several things to consider.  We can brand or re-brand.  Most people starting out on the internet will need a brand.  So I want you to think carefully about “your message”.

Thinking about online branding strategies there is one question to ask yourself; If YOU are your brand, you will be promoting YOU, not what you are selling (that will come later).  Ask yourself, what can you offer to help people.  The main point here with online branding strategies is to fulfill a need.  What are people looking for?

Here is a great example, in my online branding strategies I help people in different areas to succeed online.  I offer a “need” for knowledge.  People want to learn. People want to succeed….

Personal Online Branding Strategies

online business brandingIf you are your “brand”; what is your message?  This is the most crucial question you can ask yourself regarding online branding strategies.  Finding true value is what people are looking for.  The common misconception of building a “brand” that only sells your “product or opportunity” is the best recipe for disaster.  Value is the #1 ingredient that will keep your online branding strategies alive.

We all, as individuals have value, we all have gifts; it is up to you to find that gift that could change someone’s life.  Always learn, always build relationships; we are here to help people succeed in all areas of life.  What is your gift? Teaching other how to accomplish their goals is the ultimate reward in online branding strategies.


Successful Online Branding Strategies

Every single human being on this planet has something to teach and not to mention something to learn from someone else. Never believe you know it all, because there is ALWAYS something to learn through the daily contact (relationship) we build on a daily basis.  I hope you have enjoyed my post on Online Branding Strategies.

online branding strategies

Social Networking

Social Networking – Lead By Example

social networkingSocial Networking goes by so many different names, first let us discuss what exactly we are talking about when we are discussing all the different types of social networking.  To most the phrase is used to mention lots of different platforms such as the eve popular Facebook and others.  We all know the site where we network with our friends and other people.  But let us think about it in a very different way.  For those of us in home-based businesses and related industries like affiliate marketing, network marketing, and the mlm industry means must must more,  Social Networking is how we conduct business.   No matter what company you are affiliated with there are rules or suggestions that you should be aware of.  For most of us, we are our own brand.  So the behavior you portray online and through social networking will last a lifetime.

Social Networking – Attraction Marketing

When you start out on any social networking site trying hard to make a name for yourself and your brand it is crucial you never, never and I mean NEVER spam people with you business opportunity.  I cannot say this enough.   Here are the do and don’t of social networking:

  • Never post content when you are upset or angry.
  • Never post negative or inflammatory posts or comments.
  • Post positive and encouraging infographics.
  • Never post links to your business opportunity on your social networking site wall.

social networking articlesIn social networking  these are just a few of the tips as an internet marketing specialist that make a huge difference. People want to be inspired.  They want to laugh, the worst think you can do is make yourself look bad in the eyes of.

Social Networking – Relationship Building

Social Networking as all about building relationships.  Now we are discussing building relationship I would like to clarify a few mistakes that are most common.  There are two kinds of people that build online relationships;  there are those that only want to shove some product down your throat and there are those that want to know you and your interests.  Those that truly build relationships through social networking and DO NOT force an opportunity are true relationships.  Now, that does not mean that those new relationship will not inquire and ask what you do and how you can help them. Ask yourself a question, which this happens to me on a daily basis.  If a new friend from Facebook sent you a message.  O M G I just found out about this amazing opportunity and it will make you 6 figures in 10 days.  You know the ones I am taking about.  That is not good Social Networking.