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20151011_110224Hi my name is Carly Hahn, my friends call me Carly J (easier I think).  I have been an entrepreneur both online and offline for 25+ years.  Through my journey I have grown from a nobody to a “somebody”.

I spent 3 year in my first Network Marketing company and

FAILED MISERABLY, but that did not stop me.

2 Year Ago I joined the best opportunity I have seen anywhere on the internet and through that journey I received the biggest blessing I could ever have dreamed for….


I am here to help you succeed through everything I have learned through my journey to the top.  My passion is to help other people succeed

My Background

I am a blogger, I have been using WordPress since the first version came out.  During the time I have been blogging I have mastered the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have ranked over 45+ blogs on the front page of Google search. Through that experience I tested these same strategies in the E-commerce world and have had incredible results on eBay & Amazon.

For the last 2 years I have helped thousands of people increase their sales in e-commerce along with my own Brand on Amazon.

My Focus

I love to help people succeed, that is the Dream I live every single day.  There is not better reward than seeing people succeed in their lives and their business.  That is my goal, helping as many people as I can achieve the success they truly desire.

I would absolutely love to connect with you, feel free to reach out to me…

Carly J

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