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Secrets to Attraction Marketing – How To’s

secrets to attraction marketingWOAH!!  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing, not sure if I should even share this or not.  Many of you will not be able to handle such a thing.  There is always so much talk of secret ninja strategies….  Come on people there are no secrets.  We live in an online world.  It’s called trial and error.  We do what works and when something doesn’t work we find what does.  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing is really quite simple.  A lot easier than you think.

secrets to attraction marketing

The first thing to consider here is, what will attract a potential team member to you?  Now that’s the million dollar question. To do this you must get rid of your tunnel vision, we must think outside the box.  The Secrets to Attraction Marketing is not some thousand dollar course you can buy, well if you did; you should have found this post soon I guess.    Contrary to popular belief, let’s talk about what attraction marketing is NOT.

It is NOT spamming your signup link in social media, or scraping emails from all over the world wide web.  It’s the art or science of NOT chasing prospect.  IMAGINE THAT!!  Check out this Secrets to Attraction Marketing Article.

I have been online since the first version of WordPress came out, and believe me when I tell you, I have been spammed to death on so many different occasions.  Just like most of you reading this secrets to attraction marketing post.  Go figure!!  Do I dare say it?  YES, it is completely and utterly unattractive.  The quickest way to reduce your network is by shoving an opportunity down someone’s throat.  How many of you agree to that statement?  I am willing to bet quite a few.

What is the Big Secrets to Attraction Marketing?

secrets to attraction marketingInstead of chasing people down, yes I mean that in the literal sense.  You must become a magnet.   Give a reason why a potential prospect would look for you.  There are a lot of Secrets to Attraction Marketing tips on the internet, that is for sure.   But the one thing that you must grasp is people are looking for someone like you.  Whether it is your personality, your laugh, your knowledge or whatever you have to offer.


There is JUST ONE Secret.  Provide Value.  Yep that’s the Secrets to Attraction Marketing.  Simple isn’t it?  The online world has changed in so may ways, many of you may think it’s hard to keep up.  It’s more than simple.  Surround yourself with amazing people, always be willing to learn new things.  Then provide that value in your network.   I guarantee each and every single solitary person reading this secrets to attraction marketing article has some value to share with a lot of people looking for it.

Now, how can we find the people looking for it?  Another super secret ninja strategy.  GOTCHA!!  Nope again.  There are so many ways to attract the type of people you are looking for.  Why not instead have them come find you?  PIECE OF CAKE!!  We will cover part 2 of the Secrets to Attraction marketing next week.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of the Secrets to Attraction Marketing.

secrets to attraction marketing