Social Media Secrets

social media secrets

Social Media Secrets – Facebook

Social Media Secrets with Facebook are easier than you think.  Whether you are using a Fan Page or your personal profile, the best course of engagement is asking a questions.  Let’s think about this for a second.  Have you ever been on Facebook and seen a post that asks a question?  There is something about the question mark that grabs the attention of your audience.  The key to Social Media Secrets on any social network with all the latest changes is pictures.  Be visual, be creative, and be positive. Seriously, when you come across a post in your newsfeed which one gets your attention, text or a picture. People want to see and feel what you are posting.  Try my Social Media Secrets on facebook now and let me know what your results were.  I love to see my audience try out new things.  You can even tag me I would love to leave feedback.

Social Media Secrets – Hash Tags

Well, social media secrets on instagram is a little different.  Since they are already based on pictures and now video.  The key to achieving social media secrets success is in the hashtags.  For those of you that do not know what hashtags are let me give a brief description on what they are and how to use them.

social media secrets instagram

Hash Tags are keyword phrases with the number sign in front of them.  Twiiter, Instagram, and Facebook all use them now.  Alot of people search these keywords to find people, services, and help.  Here is an example of how to use social media secrets with hash tags:

Find out how I #firedmyboss and now #makemoneyfromhome

This will make the hash tags a clickable link for people to click on.  If you are new to the internet world, following these simple social media secrets will get you on a fast track to personal branding.  For those of you utilizing your blog to get your name out there, keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Social Media Secrets – Get Noticed

Adding all of your social media accounts to your blog is another way to get noticed on the internet.  Most people always ask me what should I post.  There is one clear answer in my social media secrets, and that is make it fun, interact with people, be positive, and above all else be who you want to attract. People are looking for solutions, a solution to whatever problem they are having.  Interact, be social; after all it is all about building relationships.  Hope you enjoyed my Social Media Secrets.