MLM Team Leadership

How to Build a Successful MLM Team


Team Leadership, I am probably going to irritate a few people on this post.  But there is a time to just say what is on your MLM Team Leadershipmind.  Many people in various online businesses fail because of one reason; Poor Leadership.  Now let me dive right in and explain what I mean.  I’ve spent time in the corporate world, network marketing, and in affiliate marketing.  What I have seen is mind boggling to say the least.  What is your Team Leadership skills teaching?  That is the one question that if half of the leaders on the internet asked themselves, they would probably lose over half their downline.  People have become selfish and only care about who makes you the most money.


Team Leadership, when you are building your business, and you climb the latter of success; are you still providing value?  Or have forgotten how you got up that latter?  These two questions SPEAK VOLUMES in the online industry.  Through all the mlm team leadershiphype, hoo-ha, and facade you are teaching your techniques of “money matters” to your team.  Of course we are here to make money, but when does the growth and success of your downline become more important than your bank account?  This is what irritates me about the industry.  In this Team Leadership post it is my intention to help new people to the online industry to know what not to do. People just don’t care anymore.  It is all about who has more, who has a better bottom line.  That right there SCREAMS bad team leadership.   People like that this should be ashamed to even call themselves a leader.  I know this post may offend some, even irritate a lot of people online, but this needs said.  When does the mentality of Team Leadership out way the size of your check?


Recently I had someone join my me that quit with a HUGE online marketer (someone I had admired for years) to join me.  Why?  Apparently people at the top of the food chain believe that their success as in Team Leadership gives them the right to not support their people.  I disagree wholeheartedly!!  It is your JOB to lead, to provide tools, techniques, support, and encouragement; it is people like this that give the industry a bad name.  Your Team Leadership should never stop just because you collected a commission.  Now after speaking with my new enrollee he had this to say:

“I have been on my own. I reached out to her with no answer for help not saying she wouldn’t or not tried just never heard from her, so I cancelled. But I’m looking for a mentor to help reach my goals. I’m very motivated in selling. I want to help my family and others do the same.  Now I’m so happy I have someone available to help me grow.  Team Leadership is as important than anything else.  You cannot expect to enroll members into you opportunity and not support them.”

teal leadership mlmLet me explain what I did.  This particular person found me on YouTube.  I have always  been real heavy on Team Leadership. He reached out to me via Facebook Messenger.  Of course I replied, I connected, I started the relationship.  We then set up a phone call to discuss his goals.  Gave him value in getting started and what I expect of him.  NOW, ask yourself do you do the same for every new person that joins you?  I think not!!  I am the NEW BREED.  In my opinion 70% of the current online marketers just do not care any more.


Which type of Team Leadership teacher are you, personally I would rather be in the 30%!!  It is expected to provide the tools and knowledge to you the people we have enrolled, that is Team Leadership.

mlm team leadership