Social Networking

Social Networking – Lead By Example

social networkingSocial Networking goes by so many different names, first let us discuss what exactly we are talking about when we are discussing all the different types of social networking.  To most the phrase is used to mention lots of different platforms such as the eve popular Facebook and others.  We all know the site where we network with our friends and other people.  But let us think about it in a very different way.  For those of us in home-based businesses and related industries like affiliate marketing, network marketing, and the mlm industry means must must more,  Social Networking is how we conduct business.   No matter what company you are affiliated with there are rules or suggestions that you should be aware of.  For most of us, we are our own brand.  So the behavior you portray online and through social networking will last a lifetime.

Social Networking – Attraction Marketing

When you start out on any social networking site trying hard to make a name for yourself and your brand it is crucial you never, never and I mean NEVER spam people with you business opportunity.  I cannot say this enough.   Here are the do and don’t of social networking:

  • Never post content when you are upset or angry.
  • Never post negative or inflammatory posts or comments.
  • Post positive and encouraging infographics.
  • Never post links to your business opportunity on your social networking site wall.

social networking articlesIn social networking  these are just a few of the tips as an internet marketing specialist that make a huge difference. People want to be inspired.  They want to laugh, the worst think you can do is make yourself look bad in the eyes of.

Social Networking – Relationship Building

Social Networking as all about building relationships.  Now we are discussing building relationship I would like to clarify a few mistakes that are most common.  There are two kinds of people that build online relationships;  there are those that only want to shove some product down your throat and there are those that want to know you and your interests.  Those that truly build relationships through social networking and DO NOT force an opportunity are true relationships.  Now, that does not mean that those new relationship will not inquire and ask what you do and how you can help them. Ask yourself a question, which this happens to me on a daily basis.  If a new friend from Facebook sent you a message.  O M G I just found out about this amazing opportunity and it will make you 6 figures in 10 days.  You know the ones I am taking about.  That is not good Social Networking.